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**Practices and Games are on per the schedule**

Academy Practice & Game Information 

There will be 14 scheduled practices, 7 games.

  • First Practice – Monday, September 10th
  • First Game – Saturday, September 15th
  • Last Practice – Thursday, October 25th
  • Last Game – Saturday, October 27th
  • Practice Time – 5:30-6:30 pm every Monday/Thursday
  • Game Time – 9:00-10:00 am every Saturday
  • Make-Up Game Date – TBD, will replace a practice
All practices will be held at the Youth Sports Complex in Janesville at the West end of the complex just North of the pavilion


Below is a list of equipment your player will need to bring for every practice and game

  • Shin Guards (Players CANNOT play without them)
    • Shin guards are to be worn underneath soccer socks, not over the top
  • Size 3 Soccer Ball
    • Please keep ball properly inflated as our coaches will not have time to inflate 40 soccer balls each practice
  • Correct Clothing for the Weather
    • The YSC can be windy, please dress accordingly
  • Cleats are optional but highly recommended
  • Water

 RSC Safety Procedures

RSC Severe Weather Policy – If we need to cancel practice or games due to weather concerns the call will be made by 4:00 pm on weekdays and by 8:00 am on Saturdays. Generally practice will be held in light rain with higher temperatures.  Practice will be canceled immediately if we see lightning during a practice or game.  The kids will be moved under the pavilion until they can be picked up.  The cancellation will come via email from the academy director.

Skill building links for players that can be done at home:

Daily Soccer Homework with Isaiah & Elijah – 6 & 8 year old kids do the work and narrate

BlueSoccerHype – Dribbling Drill 

How to Destroy a Defender – Trick Skills

Renaldo Chop and more…

Fast Feet Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills For 8 Year Olds And Parents Determined To Help Their Kids

Academy Training Sessions U7/U8

Training Session 1 – Agility

Training Session 2 – Ball Control & Turning

Training Session 3 – Dribbling

Training Session 4 – Passing

Training Session 5 – Receiving

 Training Session 6 – Possession

Training Session 7 – Striking

 Training Session 8 – Dribbling 2

Training Session 9 – Passing 2

Training Session 10 –  TBD

Training Session 11 – Dribbling 3

Training Session 12 – Dribbling & Shooting

Training Session 13 – Dribbling, Passing & 2v1