Introducing Rock Soccer Club Academy

Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association has introduced the academy philosophy for the U7-U10 age group and is encouraging clubs to adopt this philosophy. RSC has adopted this program since the Fall of 2014. The focus of the academy is to develop young soccer players through the “Golden Years of Learning”. Players at this age can learn to love the game and develop positive habits and attitudes which provide the foundations for soccer excellence down the road. The emphasis at this age is fun and enjoyment where everything is positive and creativity is encouraged.

Key Information:

  • Typical Ages are 6-9 Years Old
  • 2018 Fall Registration Opens May, 2018
  • Registration for ages 8 and 9 closes July 2nd 2018.  Registration for ages 6 and 7 closes August 15th
  • Registration and age groupings can be found on our registration page.
  • First Practice for 8 and 9 years old is end of August , 2018
  • First Practice for 6 and 7 years old is early September, 2018

RSC Academy Goals

Improving Technique
When players improve their technical ability they grow in confidence and give themselves a greater capacity to process information, which is vital in the development of young soccer players.

Improving Teamwork
Another way to increase enjoyment of the game is through interaction with team mates through small group activities which enhance skillful and imaginative play, for example (2v1, 2v2, 2v3, 3v3, and 4v4 to goals or targets). At a young age, children play in a number of positions to improve their all-round understanding and knowledge of the game.

Loving the Sport of Soccer
During this age group, children form long lasting views on the sports they play. The goal of RSC Academy is to ensure that our players develop the skills, teamwork, friendships, and enjoyment to foster a life-long love of soccer. This is achieved by a positive culture fostered by directors, coaches, and parents alike.

RSC Academy Format

Players are identified and grouped by age and ability. The staff will teach and develop these players to have the confidence, and the technical ability to enjoy the game. All training is theme based/curriculum based in order to achieve basic fundamentals necessary within the game.

The practice format will institute a station style of POOL TRAINING. Simply, the training will consist of stations (2-3 stations) that vary in theme, i.e. dribbling/passing/finishing. The groups should be matched up by level(s) in order to keep the training environment challenging. Two days of training will be followed a day focused on games.

Training days will be 2x/week and typically will end in small sided games. These will take place at the youth sports complex.

Games will also be offered but vary depending on age bracket:

U7/U8: 4v4 training. Rock RSC Academy will offer a third session during the weekend with the focus on 4v4 small sided games at the Youth Sports Complex
U9/U10: Teams will play games on weekends in the  MAYSA District.


The Advantages of Academy Pool Training

• Player development at the Academy ages is VERY FLUID due to different rates of physical / technical maturation and game awareness. Therefore a rigid team system is less appropriate for academy teams.

• By mixing players outside their respective teams, we allow for all the positive developmental aspects that come from stepping beyond their comfort zone. Isolationism amongst our youngest teams can be detrimental to young players.

• Players are placed in an environment that allows them to develop an awareness of the “club culture”. The licensed RSC Coaching Staff is afforded regular evaluation opportunities across a given age group.

• The format of small-sided exercises and games enable players to have greater number of touches on the ball as well as provide frequent opportunities on both the offensive and defensive skill development.

• Pool Training is NOT a lowest-common-denominator approach. We firmly believe in placing the best players together to train, compete and push each other. But the most effective U9 player may not be the best U12 player in three years’ time, so our training environment must encourage every player.


Coaching Games and Practice

The academy director is responsible for the staffing and scheduling of all games. Each team will be assigned a club staff coach for their games. For ages U9-U10, the academy director will assign a coach to each U9/U10 traveling teams. Rock Soccer Club Skills Academy certifies its entire coaching staff through an instructional course conducted by the RSC Coaching Director. This helps promote and educate the Rock Soccer Club Skills Academy culture and philosophy.

U7-U10 Rock Soccer Club Skills Academy FAQ

How old does my child have to be to be able to participate in the academy system?
Your son or daughter must be at least 6 years old.

Who will U9/U10 Rock Soccer Club Skills Academy teams play?
RSC Academy teams will compete against teams from other clubs in the MAYSA District. Member Clubs include McFarland SC, Mt. Horeb SC, Verona SC, Stoughton SC, Waunakee SC, Oregon SC, Beaver Dam SC, and Capital East SC, Monona Grove SC, Evansville SC, Regent SC, Watertown SC, Baraboo SC, New Glarus SC, Platteville SC, Milton SC, Madison FC.

Will teams still enter tournaments throughout the season?
Yes, if there is a consensus among the parents and coaches. RSC encourages teams to play in tournaments.

How is this different from the previous RSC Skills Program?
The Academy Program is designed to build upon the success of the Skills Program by refining the curriculum and having a higher coach to player ratio. The new academy program will be using United States Soccer Federation (USSF) guidelines to help determine age/skill appropriate drills and games. All coaches will be licensed and have a thorough understanding of the USSF age appropriate guidelines and curriculum. The players will also be divided into groups based on similar ability to keep the skill at the correct level for all players. A Pre-School Program will be offered for ages 3-5.

How long is the season?

The fall and spring season will run eight weeks, beginning at the end of August and mid April respecitvely. Players can particiate in one or both season. The Academy encourages players to participate in other sports.

How do I register and what is the cost?

Registrations forms and program cost information will be updated each fall and spring on the registration page.