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Rock Soccer Academy Teams

U09 Boys

U9 Crew – Coach Andrew Walker

U10 Boys

U10 Venom – Coach Donnellan & Coach Hogan

U10 Girls

U10 Blaze – Coach Angie Huber

U10 Pride – Coach Becky Heuser


Academy Warm Up Activities

Part I – Heart Rate Up – Activities – work in progress

Part II – Dynamic Stretches – work in progress

Part III – Foot Skills Mastery – work in progress

Combined Practice Plans – Monday Nights

Team Practice Session Plans

 Small Sided Games

Skill building links for players that can be done at home:

Daily Soccer Homework with Isaiah & Elijah – 6 & 8 year old kids do the work and narrate

BlueSoccerHype – Dribbling Drill 

How to Destroy a Defender – Trick Skills

Renaldo Chop and more…

Fast Feet Soccer Drills

Soccer Drills For 8 Year Olds And Parents Determined To Help Their Kids