dicks sporting goodsCoaching Philosophy

The Rock Soccer Club employs coaches and officials who are certified and invested in teaching children in a supportive, skill-based environment.

The club strongly encourages parents and others who have a desire to coach or have coached before to become a certified coach.

The Club reimburses those who complete their WYSA coach certification, which is offered at various levels.

Assistant Coaching is volunteer-based and offers a great introduction to coaching with no licensing required.

Recognizing that the proper training of younger players is critical, RSC has created the position of Skills Coaching Director to ensure that there is appropriate and adequate coaching staff to support our In- House Program.

The Club President currently acts as the coordinator for our Competitive Teams.

As a member of MAYSA, the Club follows the recommended development guidelines as set forth in MAYSA Age Group Curriculum.


Coaching License Program

All Coaches will have their license verified at games. Please take an opportunity to get your license this summer. Here is the schedule and overview. RSC will reimburse you for the course. The best option is to get your E license but at a basic the Youth 2 Course.

Rock Soccer Club Skills Videos

Click here to view a playlist of 18 critical soccer skills. These demonstration videos cover basic foot skills that all players should master to become competitive soccer players. Demonstrating in the video is one of Janesville’s finest soccer products–Nicole Strieker.  Nicole is a former Rock Soccer player and a 4-year starter for Parker HS and at UW-Oshkosh.

Other Coaching Resource Sites


Coaching Director – Competitive Program

Michael Hook is Rock Soccer Club’s Coaching Director.  He began this position in the Summer of 2016.  Previously, Michael worked for three years with the Madison 56’ers Soccer Club, coaching u13, 14, and 15 boys teams, as well as their youth soccer camps.  During that time, he also served as a volunteer assistant coach with the University of Wisconsin Women’s Soccer program, as well as a coach with the Wisconsin Fire emerging talent program.  Michael is entering his third year teaching English at Sun Prairie High School.
Michael has a history working in the Janesville community, both as a coach and teacher.  He worked at Janesville Craig High School as part of Craig’s SWS At-Risk program for three years, and was the Craig boys’ varsity soccer coach in 2013.
Michael holds a USSF National C License, as well as a USSF National Youth License, and is planning to take the National B course in 2017.  He is also CPR certified.

Coaching Director – Academy Program 

Michael Clarquist, Academy Coaching Director
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