Rock Soccer Club Grievance Policy

It is the opinion of Rock Soccer Club, that the vast majority of concerns and/or complaints received by a youth soccer organization can be adequately addressed internally by the club’s Director of Coaching and/or the club’s Board of Directors.

Examples of types of issues deemed appropriate for the Director of Coaching to independently resolve include: a pattern of behavioral issues, communication issues, and education regarding policies and procedures.

Examples of types of issues deemed appropriate for the Board of Directors to resolve include: any complaints alleged against the Coaching Director, any issues that involve a legal issue or issues which could potentially impact the liability of Rock Soccer Club and any other issue deemed necessary by the Director of Coaching.

I. Policy and Procedure for Voicing a General Concern Regarding a Player, Parent, or General Club Policy

These policies were within are in addition to the Rock Soccer Club by-laws. Complaints received by Rock Soccer Club, either verbally or in writing, will be directed to the Director of Coaching or his/her designee. The Director of Coaching has the authority following said discussion to take the following action, with written detailed documentation:

  • Player/Parent/Coach discussion satisfactory, no further action
  • Player/Parent/Coach reprimand and warning
  • Player/Parent/Coach Probation
  • Suspension (always to include subsequent appropriate probationary period) – this should include review by the Board of Directors.
  • Removal (requires written approval of Rock Soccer Club Board of Directors)

II. Procedure for Appealing a Decision by the Coaching Director

Any person wishing to appeal a decision made by the Director of Coaching must submit written Notice of Appeal to Rock Soccer Club office stating the misapplication of rules or violation of policy by the Director of Coaching. This appeal should be addressed to the attention of the Rock Soccer Club President and Board of Directors. Notice of the Appeal must either be postmarked or be emailed to Rock Soccer PO Box within 7 calendar days of the Director of Coaching’s decision.

The Board of Directors may take one of the following actions:

  • Accept, Reject, or modify the sanctions issue by the Director of Coaching

A final decision will be made regarding the Notice of Appeal within 15 days of the date that the Board of Directors has been made aware of the appeal. The party seeking the appeal will be notified of such final decision in writing. The decision of the Board of Directors is a final decision with no further appellate process.

III. Policy and Procedure for Voicing a Concern Involving a Coach

The Rock Soccer club encourages an open forum for parents and players to express their concerns when presented in a manner that is appropriate and constructive. However, there is an appropriate time and place to voice these concerns. Please refrain from approaching a coach with a concern when the coach is on the field training his or her team and refrain from raising individual concerns in front of the entire team or via team email lists. The above actions are inappropriate and tend to prevent a positive

To help facilitate resolution to coaching concerns in a manner that is fair to both the player and the coach, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Speak directly with the coach and try to resolve the problems face to face with the coach. This should be done at an appropriate time when there are no other players or parents present, and when the coach is finished with training or coaching. It is best to wait for 24 hours following a game situation, in order to allow cooler heads to prevail. After speaking with the coach, if you feel that the problem has not been resolved, then proceed to step 2 in the grievance process.
  2. Write an email or letter addressed to the Director of Coaching. In this correspondence, document the steps that you took previously with the coach and the coach’s response. Also include a solution that you recommend. The Director of Coaching will respond within three (3) days of receipt of your email or letter. If you do not feel that the problem has been resolved, then proceed to step 3 in the grievance process.
  3. Write an email or letter addressed to the Rock Soccer Club President documenting your concerns and all the steps that you have previously taken in an attempt to remedy the situation. Send this email or letter to the Rock Soccer Club President. The Rock Soccer Club President will respond within three (3) days of receipt of your letter.

IV. Cause for Club Generated Disciplinary Actions

Rock Soccer Club Director of Coaching and President has the authority to ultimately remove a player or coach for any of the

  1. For failure to pay required fees.
  2. For violating rules, regulations, policies of the club and WYSA/MAYSA or being convicted of a crime which evidences lack of moral character.
  3. For coaches to remove players who miss more than 50% of practices/games or show gross negative impact on team.

This requires approval of Coaching Director and Board President. Notice of any of the actions above for removal for Rock Soccer Club will be communicated by the Director of Coaching.

All written correspondence may be addressed to the appropriate party and mailed or emailed to the following address:

Rock Soccer Club President-
Rock Soccer Club Coaching Director-

Rock Soccer Club
C/O Club President-Private Grievance
P.O. Box 995
Janesville, WI 53547
Approved by electronic vote by Board May 12, 2013