Lora Schansberg Sportsmanship Award Criteria:

Who: All RSC players

How: Nominations must be made by coaches

When: At the end of the previous Spring/Fall Sessions


A male & female Sportsmanship Award winner will be announced each Spring for Exceptional Sportsmanship demonstrated over the previous year. To be nominated, an individual must have consistently demonstrated the highest values of caring, fairness, civility, honesty, integrity, and responsibility in his or her daily participation in Rock Soccer Club activities.

To do this, a player should have demonstrated:

– The highest levels of respect to teammates, opposing players, coaches, referees and spectators.

– Not have cheated, used intimidation, or vulgar language in any way.

– Been a staunch defender against racism and violence.

– In victory, was very gracious; in defeat, remained dignified.

– Accepted full responsibility for his or her actions.

Remember, to be nominated for this award, the boy or girl must have displayed the above values that were beyond ordinary expectations. By demonstrating these Exceptional Sportsmanship values, the individual helps promote and encourage those associated with Rock Soccer Club to maintain the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship.

  • Download a Lora Schansberg Sportsmanship Nomination Form